Sonécrit, the website of Jean Charmoille

SONECRIT, Jean Charmoille's Website

Jean Charmoille is a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst, and a psychologist. One day, as he was attending a performance of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, he heard in the production of Don Juan's cry during the Finale, an enigmatic knowing, which flung him immediately onto the singular path of a voice that, today, is extremely rare: that of the dramatic tenor. He shares this uncommon experience through the videos, audios, writings and readings on his site.

As of January 2017, in his monthly seminars. this psychiatrist and tenor takes one more step-a step which calls into question aspects of modern lite. lt is a new step into the essence of the lyrical, which can tear humanity away from the subjective asphyxiation produced by the runaway technological development of our time. lt is a challenge. lt is a gamble: the chance to hear that which is beyond what is spoken and/or sung. lt is the secret of an initiation into the particular usage of the human voice which can evoke that which occurred during the mysteries to which only a few, in Ancient Greece, dedicated themselves.

The voice surpasses sound. lt develops a body which cannot be seen or measured by the most sophisticated of techniques.
ln other words, conjointly, the lyric stage and the psychoanalytical experience can give the gift of The Enigma of a Measureless Voice

Most of this website is in French

Séminaire 2015-2016 : Nouage des Deux Expériences :
"Psychanalyste et Ténor Dramatique"

Séminaire 2014-2015 : "Inconscient et voix lyrique"

Séminar 2013-2014 : DIVA

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